How To Treat Chronic Pain

How you can soothe your dog’s pain.

with Acupressure

Chronic pain is one of the most underdiagnosed problems in veterinary medicine. Dogs are unable to verbalize what they are experiencing and it is up to us to interpret their behaviour. Just like humans, every dog has a unique pain tolerance level. What could cause one dog to shriek in pain might not even make another dog flinch. Symptoms that might indicate your pup is suffering from joint pain caused by osteoarthritis include:

  • Limping
  • Lethargy
  • Generalized Stiffness
  • Difficulty Getting Up
  • Difficulty Urinating Or Defecating
  • Yelping When Pet Lifted
  • Crankiness/Mood Changes
  • Reluctance To Play Favorite Games or To Go on Walks
  • Excessive Licking Of Specific Joint
  • Difficulty Finding Comfort
  • Frequent Vocalising

No worries! You will see how easy it is to locate the points even though the anatomical terms might confuse you at first. Have a look at the photos below and you’ll see how simple it is!

Acupressure Points
  • HT 07 – in the groove above the carpal joint.
  • BL 18 – 1,5 cun away from the midline in the 10th intercostal space. (when you start couting from the last rib it is the 3rd)
  • LI 04 – between the 1st (dewclaw) & 2nd finger.
  • GV 14 – on the midline in front of the first (easily palpable) 1st thoracic vertebra.
  • BL 23 – 1,5 cun away from the midline, between 2nd & 3rd lumbar vertebra.
  • LIV 03 – between 2nd & 3rd toe.
  • GB 41 – between 4th & 5th toe.
  • BL 60 – in the deep groove over the hock joint.

You can enlarge these pictures in the guide to make sure you can easily locate the points.

HT 07 & LI 4
GB 41, BL 60 & LIV 3
GV 14, BL 18 & BL 23
GB 41 & LIV 3
Massage Techniques
  • The Thumb Technique: During this technique, you’ll use the soft and fleshy part of your thumb at a 45 – 90° angle to the dog’s body. It’s best to use the thumb technique on the trunk of the body or the limbs of large dogs.
  • The Two-Finger Technique: To perform this technique, place your middle finger over your nail on your pointer finger, making a small tent between the two fingers. Then apply the soft portion of the pointer finger at a 45-90° angle from the dog’s body

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