Cough is a common condition in dogs and the list of potential causes is quite long. Mild cases can be easy to treat or even be self-limiting. It can be beyond frustrating when a cough turns into a chronic problem, like bronchitis or tracheal collapse, and it isn’t responding well to conventional veterinary medication. Fortunately, when done regularly, acupressure can help to alleviate and improve cough symptoms significantly over time. 

Acupressure – Cough Basics
  • LU 07 – 1,5 cun proximal to the carpal joint.
  • LI 04 – between the 1st (dewclaw) & 2nd finger.
  • CV 17 – on the ventral midline, at the level of the 4th rib.
  • ST 40 – halfway between knee joint and hock on the outer and cranial aspect of the femur.
  • BL 13 -1,5 cun away from the dorsal midline at the level of the 3rd thoracic vertebra. (between spine & shoulder blade)

Further Recommendations
  • Light exercise outside, avoid cold air.
  • Avoid contact with other dogs if not sure whether an infection is a cause for your dog’s cough.
  • Avoid stressful situations.
  • Elevate food and water bowls.
  • Use a harness instead of a collar to avoid further irritation of the throat area.

Chronic Bronchitis – Asthma

Additionally to the acupoints mentioned above, the following points can be used for dogs with chronic bronchitis (asthma).

  • LI 10 – 2 cun below the elbow joint between the two muscle bellies.
  • ST 36 – just distal to the knee joint, on the cranial border of the leg.
  • KI 03 – halfway on an line between the 2 bony prominences (blue points).
  • BL 23 – 1,5 cun away from the midline, between 2nd & 3rd lumbar vertebra.

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