Knee (Stifle)

Injuries of the stifle joint are often associated with tears of the cruciate ligaments. Surgery is needed in most cases when the ligament is ruptured completely. Partial tears, however, can be managed with acupuncture, acupressure, physiotherapy, and exercise adoption.

This selection of points can be combine with points beneficial for arthritis.

  • LIV 3 – between the 2nd & 3rd toe.
  • SP 06 – 3 cun proximal to hock joint, on the caudal aspect of the tibia (bone).
  • ST 35 – in the holes on both sides of the knee joint.
  • BL 40 – the deepest point in the popliteal crease.

Additionally to the points listed here Bai Hui can be massaged to strengthen the entire hind quarter.

Further Recommendations
  • Restrict exercise! Controlled walking on the lead only. No running, jumping and stairs.
  • Observe guidelines for chronic arthritis management.
  • For overweight dogs, an effective weight-loss programme is essential to manage the disease successfully.

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