Elbow pain occurs very often secondary to hip or stifle joint pain. Most of the time, there is an underlying developmental issue that may require surgical intervention. Acupressure can help to promote the healing process and provides pain relief.

For greater effect, this selection of points can be combined with points beneficial for arthritis.

  • LI 10 – 2 cun below the elbow joint between the two muscle bellies.
  • LI 11 – just below the elbow joint, cranial to an easily palpable bony prominence.
  • LI 04 – between the 1st (dewclaw) & 2nd finger.
  • GV 14 – on the midline in front of the first (easily palpable) 1st thoracic vertebra.
  • SI 09 – in a large depression between 2 muscle bellies (deltoid m. & triceps m.)

Further Recommendations
  • Restrict exercise! Controlled walking & trotting on the lead only. No running, jumping and starts & stops.
  • Elevate food and water trays.
  • Provide comfortable bedding.
  • Massage shoulder to elbow joint for 45 seconds.
  • Push with a single thumb from LI 10 to LI 11 for 15-30 seconds.

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