There are dozens of causes for vomiting ranging from obstruction due to a foreign body or tumour to stress-related gastritis. A proper diagnosis by your vet is important to select the right therapy for both acute or chronic vomiting. This selection of points is useful to enhance veterinary treatment strategies that alleviate gastritis symptoms. It also prevents recurring sickness in dogs who are prone to gastritis.

  • LI 11 – just below the elbow joint, cranial to an easily palpable bony prominence.
  • PC 06 – 2 cun proximal to the carpal joint between the tendons.
  • SP 06 – 3 cun proximal to the hock joint, on the caudal aspect of the tibia (bone).
  • ST 36 – just distal to the knee joint, on the cranial border of the leg.
  • LIV 3 – between the 2nd & 3rd toe.
  • BL 20 – 1.5 cun away from the midline, just cranial to the last rib.
  • BL 21 – 1.5 cun away from the midline, just caudal to the last rib.

Further Recommendations
  • Reduce activity level and stress as long as symptoms persist.
  • Small amounts of food every couple of hours make it easier for the stomach to digest.
  • Allow food to warm up if taken straight from the fridge.
  • Avoid drinking cold water.
  • Light and easily digestible diet are recommended during episodes of gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • Discuss your pet’s parasite control to see if everything up to date

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