Find the Right Spot – Hacks for Locating Acupuncture Points in Dogs

Many novices in the field of acupuncture and acupressure often wonder about the precise location of acupuncture points in dogs and horses, as well as how to discern whether they have accurately located a given point. In this article, I shall elucidate the proper technique for identifying acupuncture points in dogs, and furthermore, provide you with a handful of pointers and strategies for navigating the relevant anatomical features.

Acupuncture point in a dog

What is an Acupuncture Point?

An acupuncture point is a precisely defined area on the surface of the body, firmly related to other anatomical structures. With the aid of these structures, an acupuncture point can be reliably located, but more on that later.

In traditional Chinese literature, acupuncture points are understood as holes on the meridians through which, according to ancient beliefs, Qi can flow to the surface of the body.

Most acupuncture points are found in close proximity to nerve endings and blood vessels, which is likely responsible for their therapeutic effects.

Interestingly, the existence and location of acupuncture points can now be verified through the use of so-called point finders. These devices measure altered electrical activity over an acupuncture point and can thus serve as a useful tool in locating them.

What is an Acupuncture Point’s size?

Acupuncture points on the surface of the body are typically minuscule, often less than a millimeter in diameter. However, these points are three-dimensional structures, and can actually occupy a much larger space beneath the skin than originally thought.

The size of an acupuncture point largely depends on its location. For instance, points in proximity to one another often have a smaller surface area than points that are further apart.

Hitting the right Point

When I first began practicing acupuncture, I often found myself uncertain whether I had accurately located the acupuncture point.

However, in most cases, such concerns are unfounded. This is particularly true when applying acupressure to your dog or horse, as pressure is applied to a relatively large area, ensuring that the point is reached.

Furthermore, even when using acupuncture needles and adhering to the prescribed location, the likelihood of a positive therapeutic effect on the body remains high.

How to easily locate Acupuncture Points in Dogs and Horses

There are various aids available for locating acupuncture points on the surface of your animal’s body.

The most important prerequisite is knowledge of the anatomical location of the point. In other words, you must know where the point is located.

Acupuncture charts are an excellent tool for this purpose, as they accurately depict the locations of each acupuncture point.

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Canine Acupuncture Charts

Equine Acupuncture Charts

Tools for Locating Acupuncture Points in Animals

As previously mentioned, it is possible to use devices known as point finders to accurately locate an acupuncture point. However, it is still important to have a clear idea of which point you are looking for and where it can be found.

The so-called Cun measurement is a useful tool for this task. It is a relative body measurement from TCM that assists in locating the points in relation to other body parts. This makes it easier for you to locate the points with greater precision.

The cun measurement system in a dog

Acupuncture points are like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. However, unlocking their secrets requires precise knowledge of their location. Fortunately, this information is readily available if you know how to read the coordinates.

For example, the BL 18 acupuncture point is located bilaterally 1.5 cun away from the spine in the 10th intercostal space. To measure this distance accurately, you can use the broadest part of the shoulder blade as a reference point (3 cun) and divide it in half.

By understanding the Cun measurement, or relative body measurement, you can locate acupuncture points on both horses and dogs with confidence and precision. With this knowledge, the mystery of acupuncture point location is unlocked, and you can begin your journey to healing and balance.

Wrapping up

Acupuncture points are areas on the surface of the body that provide access to the body’s internal functions. Although they are tiny, with some practice, they can be easily located.

We can use various tools to help us, such as acupuncture charts, the Cun measurement system, and even point finders that use electromagnetic measurements to determine the location of an acupuncture point.

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