Many dogs have to cope with this painful recurring condition. Affected animals usually experience regular flare-ups. It is important that your vet eMany dogs have to cope with otitis, a painful recurring condition of the ears. Affected animals usually experience regular flare-ups. It’s important that your vet examines your dog’s ears properly to identify a potential structural reason for the inflammation (e.g. polyp, foreign body in the ear canal). Usually the cause of otitis is allergies, often requiring life-long management. Acupuncture as well as acupressure have helped many dogs suffering from this disease to get relief from the itching and pain.

Acupressure – Otitis Basics
  • LU 07 – 1,5 cun proximal to the carpal joint.
  • GB 20 – in the groove just behind the ear.
  • TH 03 – on the dorsum of the forefoot, between the 4th & 5th finger.
  • LI 04 – between the 1st (dewclaw) & 2nd finger.
  • LI 11 – just below the elbow joint, cranial to an easily palpable bony prominence.
  • GV 14 – on the midline in front of the first (easily palpable) 1st thoracic vertebra.
  • LIV 3 – between the 2nd & 3rd toe.
  • ST 36 – just distal to the knee joint, on the cranial border of the leg.

front paw

rear paw

Further Recommendations
  • Ask your vet about an ear cleaning demonstration. It is important to know what you’re doing as the ears have to be really clean and dry before you apply medication.
  • Avoid overcleaning and make sure to dry the ear canal well.
  • Dry ears well after swimming.
  • otitis is a very painful condition. Make sure you keep really nice treats to spoil your dog after handling the ears.
  • Don’t use anything to treat your dog’s ears unless your vet made sure that the eardrum is intact.

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