Preparing For An Acupressure Session With Your Dog

If you’ve decided to perform acupressure on your dog at home it’s important to prepare some space for the session. Consider the following recommendations when picking a location:

  • Choose a space where your dog is relaxed and comfortable. Large dogs typically prefer to stay on the floor but a small dog might prefer to lie on your lap. Grab a nice fluffy blanket to make them comfy when lying down on the floor.
  • Find a location that allows you to move comfortably during the session. Blood flow and the movement of your own Qi is important during this session to help with energy transfer.
  • Limit distractions. Turn off the TV, put your phone on silent, and consider closing the door so that other pets (or humans) can’t interrupt the session. This also includes mental distractions – be sure to choose a time when your dog isn’t expecting food or playtime.

It’s important to pick a time when both you and your dog are relaxed. This will help you connect during the session.

Your dog may not understand what it is you are asking of them the first few times you initiate contact with the intention of performing acupressure. They often squirm and twitch, unsure of what to expect. Once they begin to understand that this is a time to relax, they will settle and may even move to help you find the points on their body that most urgently need attention!

A dog that’s ready to go for a session will often lean into the owner, lick them and settle into a comfortable position. Always allow your dog to pick the direction and position that they want to be in. If your dog gives you any signs that they do not want to participate, don’t force them.

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