Points To Know By Heart

The 2 Points every dog owner should know

Shock | Apnea | Cardiac Emergencies

GV 26 is the emergency point! Press it in situations of acute distress such as shock, respiratory and cardiac emergencies, or apnea. Do not hesitate to use firm pressure with your fingertip in an emergency situation. 

This point is also often used to stimulate the respiratory & circulatory system in the newborn.

  • GV 26 – just on the nose at the level of the lower border of the nostrils.

Further Recommendations
  • In an emergency contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.


GV 20 works magic! Many cats fall asleep when GV 20 is massaged. It works in dogs as well. Use this point when your dog is agitated.

  • GV 20 – just on top of the head, cranial to the bony prominence.

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