Equine Back-Shu Points and Ting Points

The equine Back-Shu Points are specific acupressure points located on the inner branch of the Bladder meridian. Each of them has a special relationship with one of the meridians and its corresponding organ. Ting Points are located at either the end or start of each meridian.

Equine Shu Points

The Shu Points in the Horse

The Back-Shu points are used for diagnostic purposes. Increased tenderness or sensitivity in one of those points indicates a problem in the corresponding meridian or organ.

Location of the equine Back-Shu Points

acupuncture pointorganlocation
BL 13Lung8. Intercostal space
BL 14Pericardium9. Intercostal space
BL 15Heart10. Intercostal space
BL 16Governing Vessel11. Intercostal space
BL 17Diaphragm12. Intercostal space
BL 18Liver13. + 14. ICS
BL 19Gallbladder15. Intercostal space
Qi-Hai-ShuSea of Qi16. Intercostal space
BL 20Spleenlast intercostal space
BL 21Stomachbehind the last rib
BL 22Triple Heaterbtw. 1. and 2. lumbar
BL 23Kidneybtw. 2. and 3. lumbar
BL 25Large Intestinebtw. 5. and 6. lumbar
BL 27Small Intestinesacrum
BL 28Bladdersacrum
List of the equine Shu points

Orientation can be a bit difficult at first because the points are lined up quite closely on the Bladder meridian. A trick that makes orientation somewhat easier is to look for the last rib. Directly causal to it is BL 21. From here, you can either count forwards or backward.

What are Shu Points used for?

The examination of the Shu points is an integral part of the TCM examination procedure. Reactions at a certain point give the examiner information on the state of the associated meridian or its organ. If only the Shu point is reactive, this indicates a problem along the meridian. However, if the corresponding Mu point (alarm point) is also reactive, it must be assumed that there is an imbalance in the corresponding organ.

Like other acupuncture points, Shu points can also be needled or massaged for treatment purposes. However, many therapists prefer to choose other points so that the indicator function of the point is maintained during the treatment.

Equine Acupuncture Charts PDF

Download your Equine Acupuncture Charts PDF now. Ideal for studying and treatment planning.

The Equine Ting Points

The Ting points are the endpoints or the starting points of a meridian in the horse. They are located above the coronary band of all four hooves. On the front hooves are the Ting points of the lung meridian, large intestine meridian, heart meridian, small intestine meridian, triple heater meridian, and pericardium meridian.

Ting Points in the front leg
ting points horse
Ting points in the hind limb.

Ting points have an impact on the entire meridian. They are usually treated when a horse has a problem that is localized along the meridian. In many cases, this is pain or tension in muscles that are located under the corresponding meridian.

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